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Teslab DIY PPF Kit FAQ

A DIY PPF Kit from Teslab is a set of materials and tools designed for vehicle owners to apply paint protection film to their cars. It includes pre-cut PPF sections, application solution, a squeegee, and detailed instructions.

PPF protects your vehicle’s paint from scratches, chips, and environmental damages like bird droppings and UV rays. It provides a protective layer while maintaining the car’s aesthetic appeal.

Our kits are tailored for a wide range of car models. However, for models not listed on our website, contact our support team for custom solutions.

Typically, our PPF can last up to 5-7 years, depending on maintenance and exposure to environmental factors.

Yes, the film can be removed safely. It is designed to peel off without leaving residue or damaging the underlying paint.

The process requires patience and precision but is designed for DIY enthusiasts. With our detailed instructions and online tutorial videos, most users can apply the film successfully.

Unfortunately, PPF will not adhere to ceramic coating. We do not recommend installing it if you already have a ceramic coat.

Regular washing and avoiding harsh chemicals are key. We also recommend periodic waxing with PPF-safe products for optimal longevity.

We advise repairing any significant paint defects before applying the PPF. The film will protect the paint but not correct existing damage.

Not at all! Our kit was carefully designed to fit without removing anything or having to use a knife on the car.

We accept returns of unopened and unused kits within 30 days of purchase. Custom kits may have different return policies, detailed on our website.

Visit our website for detailed guides, video tutorials, and FAQs. Our customer support team is also available for any further assistance.

This can depend on the person, but we estimate it will take 8-12 hours if installed alone. 

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